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Fourth International Conference
“Computer Technology in Russia and in the Former Soviet Union”
Russia, Zelenograd, City of Moscow, October 3rd–5th, 2017
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SORUCOM - 2017

Dear colleagues!

We invite you to take part in the IV international conference "Development of computer technology and its software in Russia and the former Soviet Union: history and prospects (SORUCOM - 2017)".

This conference aims to bring together researchers to exchange results and address open issues in the history of computing and electronics. SORUCOM-2017 conference is to be held according to the resolution of the Third International Conference on the History of Computers and Informatics in the Soviet Union and Russian Federation (SORUCOM-2014), successfully held in Kazan.

The year 2017 features several anniversaries: 55th anniversary of microelectronics industry emergence in Soviet Union centered in Zelenograd innovation hub; 50th anniversary of BESM-6 research project completion ; and 50th anniversary of Programming Department in the Computer Centre of Academy of Sciences USSR. These and other key historical events will be covered in conference sections.

Working languages: Russian, English (synch translation)

Conference Topics

  • Early computers,
  • programming languages and systems in retrospective,
  • microelectronics industry emergence,
  • computer science curricula,
  • teamwork in programming,
  • key events in computing history,
  • scientific biographies,
  • computing perspectives,
  • international cooperation in R&D.

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