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Fifth International Conference
“History of Computing in the Russia, former Soviet Union and Council for Mutual Economic Assistance countries”
Russia, Moscow, October 6th–8th, 2020
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Eduard M. Proydakov Eduard M. Proydakov

Co-Chair Organizing Committee


Chief analytical of the non-commercial organisation “Modernisation” – Centre of Assistance for Economy Modernisation and Technological Development. Member of the Union of Russian Journalists and the Moscow Union of Journalists (since 2004).

Worked as an expert at the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (of the East European countries) and at some other Russian governmental organisations.

Natalya A. Cheremnykh Natalya A. Cheremnykh

Member of the Organizing Committee


Natalya Cheremnykh is an active propagandist of national computing and computer development history. 

Secretary of the Virtual Computer Museum. 

She is a translator and compiling editor of scientific and technical bulletins “Novelties in Time-sharing”, “Novelties in System Programming” and some other.

Sergei A. Gavrilov Sergei A. Gavrilov

Member of the Organizing Committee

Degree: Professor

Academic-rank: Doctor of Engineering Science


Vice-rector for Research since National Research University of Electronic Technology MIET.

Vitaly I. Steinberg Vitaly I. Steinberg

Member of the Program Committee

Academic-rank: Ph.D of technical Sciences


V.I. Steinberg is the chief designer of the federal state unitary enterprise “Argon” (scientific research institute). 

He is the chief designer of the mobile electronic computer complexes “Beta-2” and “Beta-3M” and basic on-board computers “A-30”, “A-40”,“A-50”.